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Everybody’s nightmare – toothache on Friday evening and the prospect of pain over the weekend if not longer. Jo fitted me in on Saturday morning, prescribed antibiotics and arranged treatment to start early the following week. Amazing care.

- J.F,

The best dentist surgery in London. Jo is kind, experienced and adds a personal touch by being available for questions whenever I have them. Would recommend UBDC to anyone.

- C.B,
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

I have been a Patient of Jo Gallop’s for about 20-plus years. I cannot recommend her highly highly enough. She looked after my mum as well. Jo is diligent, very caring, kind, always responsive when you have an emergency, she pulls out all the stops to help get it sorted as soon as possible.

I think it is rare to have someone who is so dedicated and caring about her patients. Jo also is always cheerful and positive which is a huge strength when you have bad teeth problems! Her staff and team are lovely too, the practice is a happy one, and that comes from the top down. Jo is really an outstanding dental practitioner.

- Sarah,
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

Just to say thank you again for such a wonderful job you have done over the past months and ‘gentlejo’ has definitely lived up to its name. Your gentle touch, expertise, cheerful appearance and constant explanation of procedures has made my visits so much more pleasant and almost pleasurable! I certainly have no fear sitting on your dentist chair with the knowledge that I am in a safe pair of hands.

Also my very sincere thank you to both Amanda and Lucy for their part in supporting you and the front office making these visits such a joy and what a team! Always a smiling face to greet you.

- Julie, London
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

Just wanted to say thanks for all the treatment you’ve given me over the last year and a half, your a super Dentist!!

Me and my husband very recently left London to move back home to Lancashire so I won’t be able to get any more treatment with you but just wanted to say I was very happy with all the work you did and will miss all you ladies at Upper Berkeley lots!

- Anon, London
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

Jo has just completed a complex crown for me at the back of my mouth. The tiny space she worked in was a legacy of another dentist or two.

I have a lovely bite and healthy gums thanks to Jo’s care and professinalism!

Her pain relief is second-to-none and I am not frightened of her, so have better oral health as I turn up for treatment!

(Not frightened of my dentist – London)

- Anon,
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

Jo Gallop, what can I say about this excellent and gentle dentist. Having been a patient of Jo for well over 15 years I can honestly say that the number of times I have had to wait more than 5 minutes are as rare as the number of times I have had any kind of dental discomfort. And believe me I have had a lot of work done over the years. Furthermore, every member of her team is always extremely friendly. Anybody looking for a new dentist, check out Jo!

- Guillham, London
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

I want to say a really big thank you for your wonderful care and your patience with my nervousness etc.You are so kind and understanding.

- Judy, London
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

I cannot praise Jo and her team too much! I have been going to Jo’s practice for more than 20 years and I have always been impressed by the skill, professionalism and friendliness of Jo and all her team. (And that is from someone who has always been phobic about injections and has VERY ticklish gums!)

- Judith, Sheffield
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

With friendly, professional staff and all of the state-of-the-art equipment one would expect from a central London dentist, I have always found that Jo and her associates have made me feel as relaxed as possible. I would definitely recommend Upper Berkeley Dental Care.

- Spencer, London
Upper Berkeley Dental Care

To start with a negative: going to the dentist can hardly be classed as a pleasurable activity, but really amazingly Jo you make it so. You have such innate kindness and give so much help your frightened patients I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all this!

- Andrea, London