Fee Guide

Here are a sample of our prices, correct as of January 2020. However, as each item is often personal to you and those items individually made, are constructed of the best materials.Certain options may be more favorable to your situation regarding looks functionality and ease of appointments, therefore you will be offered a variety of options for each tooth or jaw and with discussion you can co-diagnose and choose the best option and price for you. Your smile will therefore be even more enhanced and created by you and us as a team!

Treatment Cost
New patient consultation
(Inc x-rays & treatment plan)
Check-up / Routine Examination £80.00
Scale & Polish with Hygienist
Emergency Consultation £175.00
(Can vary quote poss £80 – £250)
Childs Exam & Polish £88.00
Treatment Planning Consultation £80 (£185 per hour) + poss
Sports Guard- Adult £135.00
Amalgam Fillings £172.00 – £214.00
Composite fillings (white) £183.00 – £361.00 depend on size/surfaces
Glass ionomer fillings £117.00
Fissure sealants £135.00- £375.00
Root Canal Treatment £592.00 – £799.00 per visit
Core Build Up £39.00 – £263.00
Crown Prep £1335.00 – £1771.00
Veneer prep £711.00
Veneer Fit £44.00
Bridge Prep Maryland from £1145.00
Bridge Prep from £2911
Extraction £260.00- £277.00
Suture Removal £117.00
Home Whitening £724.00

Please note, our missed appointment charge is £55 per half hour if you do not give 24 hours notice of cancellation.