Check Up

Adults and children, when you come to visit our practice for a check-up we take pride in our work and offer the best treatment to our patients. On your arrival at reception, you will be greeted by our receptionist (usually Andrea) and she may ask you to complete a check Medical history form. This written document is important as we have to know any medical problems and drugs taken that affect you. We can then tailor our treatment and drugs to suit you.

In the surgery the dentist Jo Gallop will do a check-up. She looks outside your mouth as well as inside. She checks the cheeks, tongue and all soft tissues in the mouth. Next she looks at the teeth, looking at your smile, any disease, noting how to fix this and noting options on your tooth charting. She checks if orthodontics would help you. She also checks your teeth for tooth surface loss and will discuss if your teeth are wearing away or not. Finally after measuring the gums and the colour of your teeth she puts your mouth and smile into risk categories and will tell you a summary of how your mouth is doing.

X-rays may be needed at some of your check-up and you will be advised if they are needed before they are taken.

Dentist Jo will make a plan for your gums, teeth and prevention of disease on a written plan with costings. We will advise you in the best possible way on your hygiene and progress you make on every visit, with photos and periodontal charts which you can take home with you, so you can monitor it too! Check-ups are important and according to you risk category you may need one or more per year

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