Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is now the treatment of choice to brighten up a smile. It’s easy and non-invasive, with no surgical treatment required and no teeth cut. In fact, it’s a form of treatment that is carried out at home.

At Upper Berkeley Dental Practice we offer a full home tooth whitening kit, after a full consultation with our dentist, who will help you assess what the likely results of treatment will be.

If you opt for home whitening treatment, dentist Jo Gallop will take a full set of x-rays and a record of current tooth colour, as well as showing you what results you can expect. After your first course of treatment you will have a second consultation to check colour and, if necessary, supply you with further tooth whitening gel.

Whitening works by filling trays that cover your teeth with tooth whitening gel, which is worn at home. These trays are custom-made to fit each patient’s mouth. It is perfectly safe on teeth, gums and all areas of your mouth, and results last up to two years. Smoking, drinking a lot of red wine, green tea or coffee can sometimes mean you will need a top-up treatment sooner.

Teeth can be a little sensitive when bleaching usually by stopping for 1-2 days you can minimise this effect.

An important fact to remember is that if you have existing white veneers, fillings or crowns matched to the current shade of your teeth then they will NOT match the lighter shade of teeth after bleaching treatment. These could need replacing, but any issues should be raised in your initial consultation.

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